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Welcome to Dr. DMT's Lab

Metasaurs are a genetic simulation, living on the Ethereum blockchain, this time, forever

Pre-Sale Minting is open and is nearly 100% complete, it will close
on Oct 14th at 9pm EST,
in an effort make sure all of our hardworking
BAYC Whitelist Members and General Whitelist successfully mint.

Public Sale Minting has been pushed back one day to
Friday, October 15th @ 3pm EST:

-Public Sale Mint

Who is Dr. DMT?

I'm an authentic Bored Ape from the Bored Ape Yacht Club, formerly known as BAYC Ape #4588.

You thought that was mustard on my tanktop? That is actually MetaDNA chemicals from my experiments in The Lab. I'm the meta scientist who genetically engineered 9,999 unique Metasaurs.

You can call me Dr. DMT.

It's been 65 million years since the dinosaurs have been around. A Bored Ape needs companions too. #BAYC #dmtgang #Metasaurs can live together, maybe we'll be less Bored together as a community.

How did I create the Metasaurs? See below.

What are Metasaurs?

Dr. DMT's MetaDNA experiment to create dinosaurs, living on the Ethereum blockchain, this time, forever.

The first hybrid Metasaurs species
: T-Rex (50%) X BAYC Ape #4588 (50%)

Bored Ape intelligence and fresh style, combined with the speed and apex predator instincts of the Tyrannosaurus Rex:

Metasaurs are the Kings of the Metaverse.

Mint your Metasaur for only .07 ETH

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Metasaurs are computer generated by Dr. DMT in The Lab from 200 hand drawn traits, each Metasaur consists of between 3-7 combined traits, of various rarities.

The possibilities are endless, like the infinite lifespans of these Metasaurs on the blockchain.

The Roadmap

Each Metasaur comes with the privilege of first access to future genetic combinations and species of Metasaurs, and access to the The Lab, where you can hang out forever with our family of Metasaurs.

October 13th, 2021

October 15th, 2021
(public sale)

October 14th, 2021
5pm PST
6pm PST
7pm PST

October 13th begin, finish October 14th at 9pm:

-BAYC Whitelist Members Mint
-General Whitelist Mint

October 15th, 2021 @ 3pm EST:
-Public Sale Mint

*200 randomly generated Metasaurs are being reserved for marketing efforts and the team.

October 17th, 2021

October 17th, 2021

After all 9,999 Metasaurs have been minted, we will announce the winner of the 2021 Ford Raptor Truck (MSRP $65,840 USD) giveaway, randomly chosen from 1/9,999 of the Metasaurs holders + eligible community members who submit their application before October 17th at 5pm EST.

Your Raptor will be customized with art of your Metasaur(s).

Wallet snapshot taken at 5pm EST on October 17th.

October 30th, 2021

October 30th, 2021

Dr. DMT is currently conducting secret experiments in The Lab, mixing all kinds of rare traits and MetaDNA.

The family of Metasaurs holders will be the first to have access and benefit from the fruits of his labor.

Stay tuned to see what Dr. DMT is cooking up.

November 30th, 2021

November 31st, 2021

Dr. DMT will reveal the first version (MVP "minimum viable product") of his Metasaurs Game, where Metasaurs can play together, level up, and earn rewards.



The privilege of early access to future genetic combinations and species of Metasaurs, access to where you can hang out forever with our family of Metasaurs.

Innovation and community collaboration is in our MetaDNA, join us for the adventure of a lifetime.

Fair Distribution

No bonding curves, all 9,999 Metasaurs cost .07 ETH to mint, and will be revealed once 100% of minting is complete.

Efficient Minting

Our smart contract is optimized to reduce transaction failure, and save you in gas fees.

We are also trying to reduce gas wars, by breaking down our minting into two phases:

October 13th begin 12:00am, finishes October 14th 9pm EST:

-BAYC member white list mint
-General white list mint

October 15th @ 3pm EST:
Public sale mint

Metasaurs is committed to our community and on-going expansion of the The Lab and the Metasaurs Metaverse.

We support inclusion, diversity, and community oriented expansion based on your input. Please join our Discord today and become a Metasaur.

Join our Discord group for giveaways, updates, and to join the Metasaurs community.


Public Sale Begins
October 15th at 3pm EST

Start Minting

The Team

Andy12345 - The Block-age Lead Engineer

Blockchain, Smart Contracts, Solidity, and ’Saurs are his love languages.


Captain Morgan - Discord Community Builder

Putting the #RAWR !!! in Metasaurs, building the Metasaurs family in Discord.


VicoVendetta - The Community Manager

She is all over The Jungle, surprising and delighting the Metasaurs family, ensuring our infinite survival.


Valiant - The Front End Web Dev

HTML, CSS, and making everything prettier in The Lab.

Rio - The Prehistoric Artist

Illustrious illustrations of prehistoric dinosaurs meeting the Metaverse, born in The Lab.

Dr. DMT - The Meta Scientist

Conductor of experiments and mixologist of MetaDNA. Coordinator of alchemical interactions with the team.